Combining multiple photos into one

  Recently, I visited several SUNY campuses to photograph new buildings for a client.  While each building serves a different purpose, it’s clear that the focus is on technology, innovation and the environment.   One of the challenges that I faced during the shoot was photographing large areas, while at the same time keeping the photo sharp and at a high enough resolution.  Since the area was too wide to capture with one shot, I used a technique called photo stitching.  The concept is that you take several photos and merge or “stitch” them together, creating one larger image.  You can use Photoshop or other specialty software to help you merge your images.

Below are the three original images along with the final stitched image:

Blog pic smaller.jpg

Some tips for photo stitching are:

- Make sure each of your images have identical settings.  Having the same aperture, ISO, shutter and focus will help you align the images seamlessly in Photoshop. 

- When you capture your images, align your images either horizontally or vertically.  Several tools will help you do this.  They include tripods, sliders, and specialty lens.

Click through the gallery below to see some of the other images from the shoot.

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