chris thaler

Best of the Bronx

At my other job as Technical Director for the Lehman College Multimedia Center, I have the opportunity to work on some interesting projects.  More importantly, I have the opportunity to work with some cool people including students, faculty and professionals on a variety of these projects.

This summer, I was asked to be the Project Manager for Best of the Bronx, a project at Lehman College, producing videos highlighting the Bronx.  Through a grant from the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), we were asked to create a Master Class environment in which students created ten one-minute videos highlighting locations in the Bronx, some not so well known.  Nineteen students, along with outside professionals and Lehman College faculty, were selected to work together as a production team to create what would become an awesome, collaborative environment -from conception to completion.  The videos would not only be shown on NYC channels on television, but in taxicabs across New York City! 

Students were involved with every aspect of the project- writing, musical scoring, shooting, graphics, talent and editing.  The Master Class was an amazing environment where everyone learned something.

Check out the first video above and click on the picture below to check out the project website where you can see the rest of the videos, see behind the scene images, and learn more about the people involved in the project. Thanks for checking it out!

Click on the image to check out the  Best of the Bronx  webpage!

Click on the image to check out the Best of the Bronx webpage!